About Us

B-Town Barbell is a strength and conditioning training facility. We provide performance based training in instructor-led small group classes. We offer three general programs, Strength, Hybrid and Endurance. Click on the links below for more information. If you are looking to maximize your athletic performance, improve your body composition and appearance, and have fun, B-Town Barbell is the right place for you.

Our Programs

Strength Program

The goal of the strength program is to develop muscular capacity.

What do you do?
In this program, you will perform the basic barbell lifts (squat, presses, and deadlift) and the more advanced Olympic lifts (Snatch and Clean and Jerk). Each training session normally includes weightlifting, strength focus and accessory work.

This program is designed for:
-Active lifters who want to compete in the sport of weightlifting
-Athletes interested in improving their strength and power output
-Beginners who are interested in a new fitness program

Hybrid Program

The goal of the hybrid program is to improve general physical preparedness.

What do you do?
In this program you will perform a wide spectrum of high intensity exercises. These will include movements drawn from our strength program and our endurance program. Movements include body weight movements (push-ups, pull-ups, squats), strength training movements (squat, presses, deadlift), and cardio respiratory movements (running, rowing, jump rope).

This program is designed for:
-Individuals who want to see sport non-specific fitness improvements
-Athletes who want to work out in a competitive group environment
-Anyone looking for extra accountability in achieving better overall fitness

Endurance Program

The goal of the endurance program is to improve cardiovascular and metabolic conditioning.

What do you do?
In this program the focus is on running, rowing, and cycling. You will perform interval training as well as long duration sessions in the sport of your choice. Training will be augmented by high rep, medium weight resistance exercises (squats, presses, push-ups, jump rope).

This program is designed for:
-Athletes looking for guided training as they work to achieve their personal best times
-Those needing added motivation as they work to improve their overall cardiovascular capabilities
-Any individual looking to improve their daily life through endurance training

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